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Rules for the provision of paid medical services

Rules for the provision of paid medical services to patients in the LLC Children's Rehabilitation Center "Step forward. Tomsk »



1.1. These Rules for the provision of paid medical services (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") define the procedures, conditions, forms of rendering paid medical services, their payment, rights and obligations of the medical organization and patients in the Limited Liability Children's Rehabilitation Center "Step forward. Tomsk »(LLC DRC« Step forward, Tomsk »), (hereinafter referred to as the Clinic).

1.2. These Rules are developed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law "On the Fundamentals of Health Care of Citizens in the Russian Federation", the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "On Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Medical Services by Paid Medical Services".

1.3. The clinic provides primary pre-hospital medical and sanitary assistance in outpatient settings, primary medical health care in outpatient settings and specialized outpatient medical assistance to adults and children in circulation and voluntary consent (hereinafter referred to as Patient (customer, legal The representative of a minor is a mother, father, guardian, trustee, adoptive parent)).

1.4. Medical services in the Clinic turn out to be Patients on a paid, that is, paid basis. Paid medical services are provided to Patients at the expense of their personal funds, employers' funds and other funds on the basis of contracts. Prices for paid medical services are set by the Clinic independently.


2.1. The schedule of the clinic, as well as the schedule of work of the doctors (hours and days of admission) are approved by the Chief Physician of the Clinic, and communicated to the Patients by posting information on the Clinic's official website and information stands located at the Clinic's registries. The working hours of the Clinic are set in the following order:

- from Monday to Friday - from 9:00 to 18:00 hours;

- Saturday - from 9:00 to 15:00,

- Sunday is a day off;

2.2 Information about the name, name, patronymic, specialty and qualification of specialists is in the registry

2.3. Paid medical services are provided by the Clinic to Patients on the basis of the Price List valid on the day of the provision of medical services approved by the Director of the Clinic, the content of which is communicated to the Patients by posting information on information stands located in the Clinic's registry.

2.4. All information on the activities of the Clinic, the Pricelist of paid medical services, the documents on the state registration of a legal entity, the license to carry out medical activities, information on the regulatory bodies are located in a place that is free and accessible to any visitor (Information stand) located in the Clinic's registry.



3.1. The patient's appointment to the doctor is performed at the Clinic's registry, by phone 8 (3822) 65-02-20 during the clinic's working hours or by leaving an e-mail application for the clinic shag.tomsk@mail.ru.

3.2. If there is evidence, the doctor has the right to send the patient to any type of treatment in other medical organizations.



4.1. When contacting the Clinic, the Patient has the right to:

4.1.1. Choosing a doctor, getting consultations with medical specialists;

4.1.2. Selection of the date and time of the visit to the clinician's specialist, including the transfer of the previously agreed date and time of the visit to other dates and times agreed upon by the Parties, if there is an objective possibility on the part of the Clinic;

4.1.3. Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, medical rehabilitation in conditions corresponding to sanitary and hygienic requirements;

4.1.4. On reliable, timely and complete information about the state of their health;

4.1.5. Protection of information constituting a medical secret;

4.1.6. Refusal of medical intervention;

4.1.7. Compensation for harm caused to health in the provision of medical care;

4.2. The director is responsible for the realization of the Patient's rights in the Clinic.



5.1. When contacting the Clinic, the Patient must:

5.1.1. Comply with these Rules;

5.1.2. To fulfill prescriptions, prescriptions and recommendations of a doctor;

5.1.3. To observe the rules of hygiene, order and regime, sanitary norms while in the Clinic;

5.1.4. Respect other Patients and visitors of the Clinic, the medical and attendant staff of the Clinic, observe the generally accepted rules of ethics and conduct;

5.1.5. Take care of your health;

5.1.6. To provide the Clinic before the provision of medical services with complete information and available documents (copies of documents) concerning the state of their health that it possesses at the time of concluding the contract for the provision of paid medical services and during its operation, namely those related to a history of life, an anamnesis of the disease, to inform About all previous diseases, including chronic, infectious and venereal diseases, all