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TCM methods


Acupuncture is one of the oldest methods of treatment and prevention of diseases that existed in China long before the advent of drug therapy. This method is at home, in China, the most popular treatment for most ailments and is at the peak of popularity around the world.

 In China, to date, acupuncture is an integral part of integrative medicine, a meeting point for western and eastern medicine.

 The Chinese government has come to the conclusion that Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in particular acupuncture, must reach a new, more advanced level, and in this regard, over the last decades, thousands of scientific and research laboratory and clinical studies in the field of acupuncture have been carried out in China. Thus there was an improvement in the methods of acupuncture. There were new methods of acupuncture, such as "Cerebral Acupuncture", "Electro Acupuncture", "Laser Acupuncture".

Electro Acupuncture

Electro-acupuncture is a method of treatment based on the stimulation of acupuncture points by means of special electrodes, which allows to have a beneficial effect on the human body. This method was extensively used in China towards the end of the 20th century. After carrying out a lot of scientific research work in China, it was proved that electro-acupuncture has a positive therapeutic effect in various types of diseases.

 Electro-acupuncture is completely safe and does not cause any adverse reactions. Its therapeutic and prophylactic effect is based on electrical stimulation of acupuncture points and reflexogenic zones.


Acupressure is one of the types of external treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a method of treatment in which the disease is treated by manipulating the hands at certain places or points on the surface of the body. For each disease, manipulations of hands of a certain nature and with a certain force are used.

The essence of the Chinese point massage method is mechanical stimulation with the fingers of the same biologically active points that are used in acupuncture.

Moxa therapy

Warming, jeju therapy, moxa therapy is an integral part of reflexotherapy, it is usually effective even when acupuncture and medication are powerless.

The history of moxibustion, as well as acupuncture, goes back centuries. This is a traditional oriental method of treatment, which in different countries is called differently. So, in China it is called jucotherapy. In Japan there is moha.

Chinese moxibustion (moxa) is most often the process of burning an artemisia argyii plant (Artemisia sagebrush) at acupuncture points, above or near them, in order to stimulate them.

Gouache (Gouache scraping, Chinese massage Gouache)

Gouache therapy is a natural method of treatment based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine about the connection between dense and hollow visceral organs and meridians. This method improves blood circulation and resolves blood stasis, regulates not only the balance of Yin and Yang, but also the functions of the heart and respiration, relaxes muscles and tendons and activates blood circulation, removes toxins, improves blood composition.

Banks (method of deep processing of fabrics)

Chinese medicine has established that there is a close relationship between internal and external organs and segments of cerebrospinal innervation. Therefore, no disease is local, but always causes reflex changes in segmentally related functional formations, mainly innervated by the same segments of the spinal cord. Influencing banks on the surface of the body, you can change the functional state of internal organs, the processes of metabolism, secretory activity and other vital functions of the body.

Herbal medicine

Chinese herbs are considered one of the oldest and basic methods of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The medical science in China owes its origin to the legendary emperor Shen-Nun, in whose book all the essential medicinal substances of plant origin were collected.

In contrast to drugs obtained chemically, Chinese herbs are softer. Preparations made from medicinal herbs are more easily absorbed by the body, have few side effects, do not cause habituation. The methods of processing plants for obtaining preparations in China are based not on the isolation of any one chemically pure active substance, but on the preservation of a whole complex of plant active substances.

Herbal steam for feet

The composition of these baths is brewed from about 50 components of medicinal herbs. This is a unique type of treatment, through which you can completely balance the internal energy in the body, after which all other types of treatment and medications will work more effectively.